Source code for offlineimap.error

[docs]class OfflineImapError(Exception): """An Error during offlineimap synchronization"""
[docs] class ERROR: """Severity level of an Exception * **MESSAGE**: Abort the current message, but continue with folder * **FOLDER_RETRY**: Error syncing folder, but do retry * **FOLDER**: Abort folder sync, but continue with next folder * **REPO**: Abort repository sync, continue with next account * **CRITICAL**: Immediately exit offlineimap """ MESSAGE, FOLDER_RETRY, FOLDER, REPO, CRITICAL = 0, 10, 15, 20, 30
def __init__(self, reason, severity, errcode=None): """ :param reason: Human readable string suitable for logging :param severity: denoting which operations should be aborted. E.g. a ERROR.MESSAGE can occur on a faulty message, but a ERROR.REPO occurs when the server is offline. :param errcode: optional number denoting a predefined error situation (which let's us exit with a predefined exit value). So far, no errcodes have been defined yet. :type severity: OfflineImapError.ERROR value""" self.errcode = errcode self.severity = severity # 'reason' is stored in the Exception().args tuple. super(OfflineImapError, self).__init__(reason) @property def reason(self): return self.args[0]